shelbecat's fic 


Sept. 17th: Timeline, Part I, II, III
ontd_ai Auction Fic for christig428, who generously donated $35 for three 1000+ word ficlets. I wrote intertwining timelines of Kris (Part I), Adam (Part II), and them together (Part III).
PG-13, 3100+ words
Sample: He calls it Battle Hymn and when he sings it, he thinks about unrequited love and want that you can taste in the back of your throat.

"Sweet dreams, Kristopher," Adam whispers as Kris slips off to sleep.

And from then on, the song is called Serenade. And it's always been for Kris.

Sept. 3rd: Friction: Practice Makes Perfect
Sequel to Friction, wherein Kris teaches Adam to play guitar.
NC-17, 1200+ words
Sample: His fingers seem to absorb Kris’s talent by osmosis and move haltingly from G to D to C and then back to G again.

Sept. 2nd: Friction
Kris gives Adam guitar lessons.
NC-17, 473 words
Sample: "Once my fingertips turn into hard chunks of marble stone!" Adam looks like Kris has just delivered a death sentence. "You knew this was going to happen and you didn’t warn me. I am never speaking to you again."